Name: Alistair Llewellyn McDonald
DOB: 5th April 1990
Age: 22 Years Old
Occupation: Trainee Science Teacher
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 67 Kg
Chest Size: 37in
Waist Size: 27in
Shoe Size: 9/10 uk



  • Trampolining - Competed Nationally in Loughborough (April 2008),
  • Rock Climbing (Freestyle/Bouldering);
  • Parkour/Free-running;
  • Skate/Mountain/Snow boarding;
  • Advanced Calculus + Quantum Physics

Main Martial Art Achievements:

  • Tae Kwon-Do (BTC) 2nd Dan;
  • (Former) International Open Champion - Patterns (Forms) and Destruction, Sparring (Full-contact Continuous) 2nd place, overall 1st place;
  • Exstensive studies into 7 main complementary styles, grading up to 1st Dan (Shiiden-Ryu Karate, Wushu, Kung-fu 5 Animals, Jeet Kune-Do, Ninjitsu, Aikido + Iado).

Alistair began his Martial Arts career at the age of 11 when a friend invited him to join a local Tae Kwon-Do club in Crewkerne. He studied there for a total of 6 years, achieving a 1st Kup (Black tag) grade. During college though, he was not able to train the hours required, and his journey seemed to be nearing it's end; one grade shy of blackbelt status.

Alistair then focused upon his studies at college. Choosing to take Mathematics, Further Mathemetics, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, and German at AS-level. He graduated college in 2008, with A-levels in Mathematics, Physics, and Philosophy. He decided to take a gap-year in which to build a financial cusion for his time at university to come. While working in a local town, he stubled upon Infinity Martial Arts, the club run by Joe and Ruth Hallett. Since meeting Joe, Alistair's passion for Martial Arts was re-kindled, and he has since passed his 1st and 2nd degree blackbelt gradings in Tae Kwon-Do, whilst studying numerous other arts along the way; including 1st degree blackbelts in Ninjitsu and Wushu. In 2009 Joe offered Alistair a place on Team Resurrection and has never looked back.

Alistair has just completed his first year at University of Cumbria in Lancaster (formerly St. Martin's College), taking a BA/BSc (HONS) with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) in Secondary Educational and Proffessional Studies with Science Specialism. This will enable him to teach Science in Secondary Schools (and 6th-Form Colleges) as a fully qualified teacher within 3 years.